I thought I would send you a quick e-mail between our jobs and taxes.
We have named the pup Tucker for a call name.  He has  been great , the best
you could ask for! No wake up calls (except for the snore) Our vet checke
him yesterday and gave him  a  shot and clean bill of health. The poor pup
has learnt that some cats have claws. What a job to deal with this pup I
love it but, forgot how hard it was.... You guys were great and  we will
keep in touch.

ED & Fam..
Just a quick update on Reba, she is doing great.  She is such a mellow puppy, she has her
spurts of energy, but then just as quickly she is laying down to take a nap!!  
We took her camping over the weekend, and she had a great time.  It was very cold down by
the water, so unfortunately we are going again 4th of July weekend.  
We ran into a couple who bought a puppy from you 3yrs. ago, from Lilly's litter.  The dog was
a chocolate lab named Sarah.  I forget the owners name, but they were from the coast.  She
was a beautiful dog, and  they had very nice things to say about you.  
Reba had her checkup last week, and a shot, the vet said she was very healthy, she weighed
She can sit when told, and we are working on fetching a ball, she does good for a while, then
of course she gets bored and wants to do something else!!!!
I just want to say thank you again for Reba, she is such a great puppy.  
I will be in touch
dog and people friends.  He is extremely friendly, like most labs, and is always ready to play.  He still loves his food.  And I
mean, LOVES IT!  He is fit an trim and looks great.  I'm attaching some pictures.

As you might remember, we had plans to take him on our boat.  Well, last year we got a larger boat and we all went from Maine
to Florida and onto the Bahamas where we stayed from February thru May - we just got home on Sunday.  Tucker thrived in
the Bahamas.  He loves the beach and manages to take everything in stride.  I'll give you a couple of stories:

- While going through a lock at Great Bridge, Virginia, we were tied up behind a large 100 ft. yacht.  The people saw me
playing with Tucker on the bow as the water was being let out and we talked about dogs and boats.  They previously had dogs
and Tucker reminded them of one of their earlier dogs.  As we pulled into a marina at Coinjock, North Carolina, we saw the
same large yacht.  When they saw us pull in, they came running over....not to meet us, but to see if we'd let Tucker play with

We really are so happy with him.  He has the perfect temperament for the travels that we put him through.  He takes everything
in stride and loves whatever adventure faces him.  We no long have our office building so we're all home together every day.  
He takes turns spending time with each of us and is rarely left alone.  We stopped using a crate with him long ago.  He has free
range of the entire house and has never ever destroyed anything.  He's just incredible.

Anyway, thanks for bringing such a wonderful dog into the world.  Someday, we need to take a ride out and show you what a
good boy he's become.



How are you?  I have been meaning to write to you for a few weeks now.  I am
forwarding a picture, taken awhile ago now, of Hadley.  We just love him so much!!  He
is doing very well with us.  He now weighs 28 lbs, up from 12 lbs, 6 oz. when we first got

Hadley goes three days a week to Doggy DayCare, which is at the same place that he
does "Play Group" on Tuesday evenings.  He also will be starting training there on
November 10th.  :)  He loves to take walks, play fetch, take a bath, have his belly
rubbed, and he is quite a swimmer, too!

He is turning into a very handsome dog.  He has beautiful features, and seems to be
getting a lot taller in the past 2 weeks!  He has lost 3 teeth this week, his front 2, and 1
on the bottom.  He looks so cute.  We have taken a ton of pictures, so I will forward
more to you when I am at home.  The one that I am forwarding is from his first week
with us.  Just wanted you to see him again!  :)
I though you would like to see these pictures of Duke.  We are thrilled that he's a
with him.  Thanks again.  I'll email you more pictures as he grows.
Talk to you soon,
Kim Wogan
truly wonderful.  We'll be in touch soon.
--Mary Abel
Quite content :)

Helping with the raking (that's what he'd like us to believe)

They don't get any cuter!!

Hi JoDee,
Wanted to say thanks, again, for bringing the newest member of our family to us.  He has  absolutely been a peach
today---someone has gotten him off to an unbelievable start &  trained him well :o)  
I'll be in touch next week after the vet visit.  Talk to you soon.
Mary Abel
perfect puppy. She loves her crate and sleeps thru the night pretty well. She has no trouble JoDee, We have had Lucy a
week and she has adjusted to us and we to her, very well. Our vet checked her out yesterday travelling and is making
good progress on her house "breaking", potty training I mean! Also, so far she hasn't broken anything in the house. Be
sure to let us know when you are in our area.  Best wishes with all your endevours.  Barbara, David and Lucy.
I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you again for such a wonderful puppy. Angus is adjusting so well. I can't
believe he hasn't lived here forever. Darby loves her new playmate -- their favorite game is tug-of-war. Darby brings over
a pull toy and shoves it in Agus's face to egg him on and then she runs away and he chases her. Very cute. Thought
you'd enjoy seeing these angelic photos. I'll keep sending new pictures and updates along!
kept the doggie toys for everyone; she quickly emptied the contents and started dragging
them around the house.  Tonight she would  lay next to us on the floor and chew
on the toys.   Her dinner was eaten so quickly...that must come from eating with the other dogs, and then she put both
front paws in her water dish and sloshed the water on the floor. (guess she likes really clean floors :)
This weekend we'll  work on going up/down the stairs.

Stan & Linda O.
Dory is 15 weeks old tomorrow.  It's hard to believe we have had her for 3 weeks.  She has been such a joy to have and
be around.  She sems to have adapted well to her new surroundings, first in Friendship and then in New Hampshire.
She remains very sweet and quite social.  She is enrolled in puppy kindergarden and has her first class next Tue.  She
has a personal trainer coming tomorrow afternoon.  Crate and house training have gone well as she has me quite well
trained.  No human food as yet and she is on the bed only very occassionally.  I will try to attach some pictures. One
picture is of Dory and Lucy.
shy and immediately was a hit with all the vets and techs.  When we drove away from your home she whined but went
her new surroundings and sticks to me like glue.  I think she likes me...  That night she wanted to be right next to me so
I put her on her blanket on my bed and she immediately went to sleep in record time!  She must have missed snuggling
up with her litter mates.   She's doing very well with house training so that is on track too.   I'll keep you posted on her
progress which is going so well.  She is a treasure!


PS..  The vet office was very pleased with your detailed health program information and she's on track for her next
office visit on the 17th.
Hi JoDee--Here's Angus in his new place. We don't leave him in his crate with squeaky toys any more just in case he
should want to extricate the squeakers (although he seems to have a soft mouth so far). He had a lovely vet visit
today, will have his second distemper etc. on the 12th....He and Paco are working out their relationship; sometimes
with Paco, they wander around our outdoors together. I suspect Paco wouldn't mind if Angus just went away and he
never leave Angus unsupervised. He is a total chow hound, has a voracious appetite. We think he is very bright--has
figured out where the biscuit jar is and comes galloping when the noise of its lid sounds....Angus was up to pee
outdoors twice the first night, has slept through the next two (from 11:00 to 7:00). Needless to say, we are thrilled.
People should be so lucky with their babies!...Angus has met several dogs, including the Catholic priest's beagle, and
adjusted!....Peace, Anne
the people; he walks well on the lead, sits on
command, retrieves (although not quite like a big dog), is passionate about water, the
hose etc. (he and Paco have a wading pool). He sleeps all night with no noise, wakes up
when we get him up (we have neighbors with a 7-month Wheaton terrier and they get up
with their dog at 1 A.M. and 5 A.M. consistently. I wouldn't put up with that! They were
came home with us.
This was her maiden voyage on the boat, she loved it!!! She has been doing great with puppy school, she's
been the star of the school!!!  I'll send a recent picture as soon as I get them on the computer! Keep in touch!

Dyna grabbed the puffalumps and decided that Dylan is not allowed to have it.  She's been sleeping on it all
afternoon and Dylan isn't going near it.

Thanks for coming out and working with us.


sleeping in the car.  So far, no accidents in the house and he seems to be asking to go outside to do his business.  
ATV noise, car rides...  he took a long walk with me and Jody at her property in Sangerville and never wandered off,
just trotted along.  

We have a vet appointment in 40 minutes, so I will let you know how that goes.

Craig and I want to thank you for our incredible new family member. Sammy is doing amazingly well. He is settling into a
routine and has a voracious appetite. He is growing by the day. We had a great first week together. Everyone who has
met him comments on his calm demeanor and remarkable looks. He is so full of life!. Craig is away this week so I feel
like Sammy and I are really bonding. I can’t tell you how much joy he has already brought us. He was a model puppy at
his first vet visit. We are seeing his personality emerge on a daily basis. It is so much fun watching him develop.

After losing Pete at Christmas I did not think I could love another dog. I was so wrong about that. You helped me
through that process and I really appreciate it. You raise such incredible Labradors . I believe your calm disposition
and love are a very significant part of their personalities. I knew when I first met Katie that you raise very special dogs.

Attached are a few of the many pictures I have taken. I’ll keep you updated on his progress.

Talk to you soon.    Elaine

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I just put a phone call into you this weekend.  Simon is doing fabulous!  He is the sweetest, kindness love bug, I have ever
met.  We are both head over heals in love with him.  We have been working on socialization, i.e., lot's of introductions,
including the kids.  

He is just a breath of fresh air and brings so much love and fun to all that we do.  We start a beginning obedience class
this evening in the hopes that after the second class we can introduce him to some agility fun.  He is such a runner and
jumps like a rabbit... straight up in the air.  He naps with me in one of the guest rooms, and sleeps with the crate door
open.  He jumps in bed with Nick to wake him after he and I have been up for a while...and they snuggle together.   

I tell Simon all time just how much I love him!   He is the dream dog!  I truly can't find the words to express how wonderful he
is and how much joy he brings to our lives.

I would love to talk to you ...!  You sound like you are getting ready to have a fabulous summer.  Take care!  Ohhh and
thanks again for choosing Nick and I as Simon's new mom and dad!